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'Tune for the Blood' was made independently over almost 3 years. We spent a lot of our own time and money, blood, sweat, and tears making it. It was a labour of love, but we do need to recoup some of the costs to keep going. For example, you wouldn’t expect a farmer to spend 8 months rearing lamb with all the work, feeding, vets fees, scanning costs etc and then take it to market and give it away.

We made the film because we believe that films can provide insights and provoke communication among people. In our experience of screening the film, it has brought different communities together and the discussions between urban dwellers and the young farmers involved have been lively and informative. We would like to continue the work begun by 'Tune for the Blood' and so it is important to get some return to make that possible.

We are part of a new movement to make films available outside the traditional, often restrictive distribution/exhibition system. It means people can see films locally with opportunities for discussion and debate. We are proud to be part of this independent movement and we hope that we can all make it flourish.

This distribution system is built on trust. You could copy the film and show it illegally, but we’re sure you don’t want to join the ranks of those who do things like evade taxes and fiddle their expenses.
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