When you book the film, you are buying a one-off licence to show 'Tune for the Blood'. This means you have the right to show it once at a selected venue. If you would like to show it more than once, you will need to pay another booking fee but at a 25% discount as long as the bookings are made at the same time.


  • Films must not be used to promote or endorse any product or service, except the screening of the film itself.
  • You may charge a ticket price for the screening.
The screening licence is not a licence to make copies of the film or to distribute films in any way whatsoever other than under the terms of the screening licence, nor does it allow you to copy, alter, adapt or edit the film.

You are responsible for obtaining and paying for any licences required in relation to the exhibition of the film in the venue including, without limitation, local government licences, public entertainment licences, all health and safety requirements, public liability insurance and licences from collecting societies such as the Performing Rights Society and PPL (or its equivalent in other jurisdictions).

Once your film is booked Cantilupe projects will post the DVD least 5 days before the screening date to the delivery address specified.

Cantilupe Projects is not liable for any cancellations that may occur due to a film not being delivered. If there is nobody present to receive the film at the delivery address, the full booking fee will apply.

If you notice a fault with your DVD when checking it before your screening, re-book a replacement copy immediately. Make sure you check your DVD in plenty of time before your screening so there is time for a replacement to be sent out. The faulty copy must be returned.

After the screening, the DVD must be returned immediately to:
Cantilupe Projects
1 Cantilupe Street

Failure to return the film will be a breach of trust. It will also be a failure to honour the Terms and Conditions to which you agree when hiring the film. For this system to work, we rely on the good will of all involved.
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